Thunderbrook Condition & Compete 20kg



Thunderbrook Condition & Compete 20kg

Condition & Compete is a highly palatable, high energy feed containing a unique blend of natural ingredients and nutritionally dense “Superfoods” including; Stabilised Rice Bran, Micronized Hemp, Micronized Sunflower Hearts, Micronized Pumpkin Seeds, Micronized Linseed and Fenugreek.

Its high levels of Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, essential amino acids and digestible fibre, together with added calcium, magnesium and natural source Vitamin E, plus over 100 antioxidants, enable horses to work harder and recover more efficiently afterwards.

Condition: Suitable as a healthy alternative for all horses and ponies requiring weight gain, show and sales ring preparation, veterans and ‘poor doers.’
Compete: To fuel the energy requirements of competition horses in intense work, without the need to feed large meals or cereals.

Why use Condition & Compete?

  • Cereal free formula
  • High in oils and proteins
  • Over 100 antioxidants
  • Contains natural vitamin E
  • Low in sugar and no molasses
  • Contains “superfoods”

Feeding a balancer: smaller portions, but nutritionally dense. Horses in light/medium work or requiring extra condition: 50g-100g per 100kg body weight. Horses in heavy work or requiring significant weight gain: 100-150g per 100kg body weight.

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