Komperdell “FLEXFIT” Adult Body Protector



Komperdell “FLEXFIT” Adult Body Protector



  • Its lightweight characteristics makes it the perfect vest for all safety oriented equestrians either at a recreational or professional level. The new Ballistic Styles feature an automatic width adjustment system. The vest offers almost complete 360° protection and allows an automatic adjustment to the rider’s girth.
  • Multilayer Cross 6.0 back-protector, made of adaptive dual-density foam, EN-approved 1621-2 – level 2 approved.
  • Dual-Density foam adapts to the curves of the body. In combination with the iron-on material, the waistcoat offers a perfect “tailor-made” fit.
  • Thanks to the optimal perforation, the jacket is extremely breathable.
  • The outside of the safety waistcoat is made of very light, elastic and breathable textiles. Therefore, the soft and flexible protection is immediately felt when the jacket is put on.
  • The design is reduced to the essentials. Although it is 25 mm thick, it does not thicken and can be worn under a jacket.
  • An extremely flexible protection system has been developed thanks to the multi-layer construction. The protective foams are thermo-elastic.
  • Thanks to the body temperature, the foams adapt perfectly to the body.

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