Lincoln Pig Oil + Sulphur 4Ltr



Lincoln Pig Oil + Sulphur 4Ltr


Pig oil and sulphur is a brilliant combination of products that has been used for a long time as a way to help prevent mud related conditions, such as mud fever, in horses.

Pig Oil’s consistency makes it easy to rub into feathers, to help provide a water repellent barrier between the horse’s skin and the mud. It’s often used on heavier horses due to this, but can also be effective on those with less feather as it gets through the hair, right down to the skin.

Sulphur, or flowers of sulphur in this case, is an anti-bacterial agent, also called sulphur powder. It has a bright yellow colour and has been used to support skin health for centuries – not just mud fever – sulphur is also used to support other skin issues too.

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