I am Rachel Chambers, and I am the girl behind the desk at W&J Chambers Store. I manage and oversee our Drumahoe store. My background is far from farming or equine but I have a new found passion for it. 

How did I end up behind the desk at W&J Chambers?

I joined my family business full time in 2016, having helped out during my younger years.   It’s true what they say, life never turns out how you expect. I studied Graphic Design at university in Cornwall and I had little intention of returning home to Northern Ireland. Perhaps the grass looked greener and the opportunities looked brighter across the water.

Nearing the end of my creative degree, my passion for travel and wanting to experience the backpacking life took hold. I decided to return home after university to save for an adventure. It was time to get stuck into the real world of adulating and I worked solidly for a year in my family business learning the ins and outs of customer service. That year of hands-on experience was an eye opener. I was proud that W&J Chambers was celebrating 80 years in business. Eighty years is a lifetime, and it has been a healthy one at that. But it didn’t come without its tests. I witnessed the long hours, the tough decisions, the intense pressure but ultimately the sense of customer satisfaction makes it worth it. I quickly learned that working in business is a rollercoaster; there are good days, bad days, upside down days, straightforward days, frustrating days, fulfilling days.

And just like that, my year at home was complete and I booked a round the world ticket. I experienced a year jammed packed with life experiences, freedom, adventure, and newness. It was a year of learning. Learning keeps us young and travel is one of the greatest teachers of all. Travel, for me, inspires a sense of wonder and discovery. There is an entire world of things to see and people to meet. But as important as the sights I saw it was about the lessons I learned- the good and bad.

Being challenged and facing new situations everyday fed my curiosity about life. But travelling also made me question what ‘home’ meant to me. The time was coming to make a choice.

So, the question is how did I end up behind the desk at W&J Chambers?

I choose home and family.  I love what I do now, working with a really enthusiastic team, customers, and suppliers daily. It is a rewarding job and I have the opportunity to make a difference in the local community! I am looking forward to see what the future brings.

I am on a quest to make our Store the best it can be. I believe that all starts with the team, the product range and listening to our customers. We have been working hard behind the scenes to introduce new product lines, make our service more efficient, and go online.

But bear with me; apparently Rome wasn’t built in a day…