Provita Equiband 500ml



Provita Equiband 500ml


Provita Equiband is a spray plaster for cuts & wounds on animals. Equiband contains tea-tree oil, a natural antibacterial and antifungal essential oil which promotes healing. Equiband provides a protective barrier by forming a flexible breathable film which seals out water, dirt and bacteria.

Equiband covers the affected area like a second skin and allows natural healing.

Cost per application is approximately 48p (500 ml x 50 applications).

Instructions for use:

  • For use topically on hooves and all skin types (except face). Clean and dry the area carefully before use.
  • Spray an even coating and allow 1 – 2 ¬†minutes for film to form.
  • For hoof areas, ensure that film is formed before returning the hoof to the ground.
  • Where necessary repeat application every 2 days for up to 10 days.

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