Ponease ULC Maintenance



Ponease ULC Maintenance


A carefully blended mix of herbs and other ingredients designed to support the management of acid splashes, which can cause the occurrence/reoccurrence of ulcers.  ULC Maintenance also assists with the management of digestive upset, gastric irritation, wind sucking, faecal water, scouring and stress. A healthy and comfortable gut/digestive system can lead to good coat condition, top line and overall health.

Syringe 50ml into mouth for best results  before morning feed and/or exercise (if syringing into the mouth is not possible, the product can be added directly to a small handful of feed, preferably alfalfa/molasses free chaff). ULC Maintenance is suitable for long term use.

Each bottle contains 2 litres of ULC Maintenance and should last approximately 40 days if used once daily.


Peppermint, herbs and a anti acid base containing Moti Pisht(a natural source of calcium) 25%, Praval Pishti (a natural source of calcium and magnesium), Marshmallow Root 30%, Mukta Shukti Pishti (a natural source of calcium) 10% peppermint 15% marshmallow root 5% and purified H20.

Do not use ULC Maintenance for 24 hours before and 72 hours after worming. Do not use ULC Maintenance within 3 hours either side of administering any medicinal product.

Approved by the IEC, NOPs tested, does not contain banned substances, FEI & Jockey Club Rules compliant, competition safe, veterinary endorsed.

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