Provita Prolyte Electrolyte Sachet



Provita Prolyte Electrolyte Sachet


Prolyte Extra for  ponies/horses in competition is a complementary feed to aid the rehydration of animals.

It is a unique combination of electrolytes with vitamins B and C, plus EU approved probiotic bacteria.

The Prolyte sachet also contains glycine, an amino acid which helps coat the gut lining and a natural thickener to optimise the contents of the GI tract.

Available in 76g Sachets.

Instructions for use:

Empty one sachet into 2 litres (3.5 pints) of clean lukewarm water and feed orally. Solution should be fed fresh (within 6 hours of mixing). Prolyte Extra is suitable for use with a feeder bag for all animals. Animals should always have access to fresh clean water.

Foals: Feed 20 to 30 ml per kg bodyweight followed by ordinary drinking water.

Horses: To replace electrolytes lost by exercise, offer 1 to 2 sachets made up in solution and added to drinking water.

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