Sea Warrior Clear Wind



Sea Warrior Clear Wind


Clear Wind is a supplement for Allergies, Wind problems, COPD.

It is a highly palatable supplement to aid breathing. Here are a few equine conditions that clear wind supplementation can be beneficial for:

  • Heaves/ COPD/ Asthma/Wind conditions
  • Seasonal respiratory allergies
  • Hives and other skin allergies
  • Sweet Itch (Summer Eczema)
  • Poor immune function

CONTAINS:  a blend of Spirulina and Carrageen moss seaweed, Garlic (10%) & Thyme

Spirulina is probably best known for its ability to boost the immune system. It’s high in protein (55-70%), vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.  it’s been shown “to specifically improve the production of IgG antibodies, while down-regulating allergies associated with IgA antibody responses.” (IgG and IgA antibodies are two of the five types of pathogen-fighting antibodies found in mammals.)

Carrageen moss has long been recognised for its ability to cure and abate the symptoms of colds and flu, thus the eating of Irish moss forms an effective barrier to the ills of winter. Irish moss contains potassium chloride, this chemical helps to dissolve catharrs, which are responsible for the congestion associated with chesty coughs.

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