Nutribio Horse Mineral Bucket 12kg



Nutribio Horse Mineral Bucket 12kg


Nutribio are greatly respected for their high levels of quality nutritional products and the Horse Block is one from the Nutribio stable of mineral / vitamin blocks.

Minerals are an important feature of all horses’ diets. Dietary imbalances may occur when horses rely solely on pasture / forage rations, as forage may be low in certain trace elements.

Optimum levels of nutritionally balanced minerals and trace elements are supplied via the Nutribio Horse Block.

Copper, Zinc and Selenium are known to play important roles in the health of horses. Optimum levels of Calcium and Phosphorus have also been added to aid in the nutritional maintenance of bone growth and development.

The Nutriibo Horse Block contains high levels of vital vitamins. The full range of B vitamins are included for energy metabolism. The maintenance of quality hoof growth is high with Biotin.

Vitamin E is included and is an important antioxidant. The block contains Vitamin A and Selenium, also important antioxidants.

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