Liveryman Black Beauty Clipper



Liveryman Black Beauty Clipper


Powerful. The Black Beauty is a powerful clipper. It is suitable for frequent and prolonged use. This clipper will cut with ease through the heaviest of winter coats.

Reliable. Brushless motor technology incorporated to develop a clipper that is more reliable, more efficient and more powerful then a standard clipper motor. The Black Beauty’s motor has been designed to have less moving parts that are subject to wear and tear. This means, less vibration, less noise, no heat and increased reliability.

Lightweight. Lighter and slimmer than many traditional clippers. This means the Black Beauty is easy to manoeuvre, handle and will reduce fatigue while clipping.

Variable. The user can adjust the speed to suit the horse. The perfect choice for nervous horses, horses being clipped for the first time and for clipping more sensitive areas including legs and faces.

Portable. The Black Beauty is available as a mains clipper, with the additional option of a battery pack sold separately. This gives the clipper more flexibility to be used anywhere and also means you can use without having cables on the floor, which is very useful when clipping a restless or nervous horse.


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