Rubber Stable Matting



Rubber Stable Matting


Rubber matting has become increasingly popular for animal bedding and especially common in stables.  They are specifically designed so that the horse’s weight will compress the rubber to make a comfortable surface to stand or lie on. Stable mats are a great solution to providing a comfortable and warm bed for your equine, as well as saving time and money on cleaning and other bedding material

  • Rubber matting offers non-slip protection and a more familiar footing for your horse
  • Rubber matting provides a insulated alternative to cold concrete floors and offers greater comfort to your animal
  • Health Benefits including horses that have allergies
  • Rubber matting is shock absorbent and the cushioned surface supports the wellbeing of a animals joints
  • Improved odour. Rubber matting is a hygienic alternative which is easy to clean and drys in a short amount of time
  • Less time is spend mucking out as cleaning stables can be a laborious task

Size: 6ft x 4ft 12mm

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