Topspec Ulsa Kind 20kg



Topspec Ulsa Kind 20kg

Ideal for sensitive digestive systems, Topspec UlsaKind is highly recommended. Low in starch and sugar and high in fibre with beta glucans to boost the immune system, UlsaKind sympathises with a sensitive stomach that is burdened with high acidity.

UlsaKind is not a complete food and, as such, contains no added vitamins or trace elements and is meant to be added to TopSpec feed balancer or supplement.

It is enriched with the minerals, calcium sodium and magnesium which are proven to reduce acidity in the equine stomach for up to six hours.

Magnesium also benefits the body by having a calming effect, relieves muscle aches and aids digestion by relieving constipation due to its relaxant effect on the muscles within the digestive tract.

TopSpec UlsaKind cubes are immensely digestible and promote beneficial bacteria in the hindgut which helps to maintain a healthy hindgut environment.


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