Mollichaff Calmer 15kg



Mollichaff Calmer 15kg

Mollichaff Calmer is a complete fibre-based feed designed for horses and ponies that are prone to excitability or nervousness. It combines good quality fibre sources with magnesium, camomile, lemon balm, mint and a broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement.

These key ingredients have been selected for their provision of nutritional support to the horse’s nervous and digestive systems. Mollichaff Calmer can be used as the sole “bucket feed”

Magnesium levels are an important factor in the nutritional support of metabolic processes in the horse, including regulating the nerve fibres which control the central nervous system. A diet deficient in magnesium can result in increased muscle contraction, making the horse less able to relax and more likely to become excitable.

These herbs are thought to create a calming effect on horses and ponies, through the provision of nutritional support to various internal systems, but in particular to the nervous and digestive systems.

Mollichaff Calmer contains a broad spectrum of Vitamins, including Vitamins B1 and B12, which are widely thought to help decrease anxiety by exerting a calming influence horses, along with Vitamin E which is beneficial to cell membrane function in horses.

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