Bluegrass Competition Mix 20kg



Bluegrass Competition Mix 20kg

Competition Mix is a palatable mix, with high quality vegetable oil and an optimum level of vitamins to encourage healthy, shiny coats & all round condition. To reduce the high grain content, this feed contains alternative sources of energy in the forms of “super fibres”. 

Designed for:

  • Horses and ponies in medium work
  • Showjumpers
  • Eventers
  • Driving Horses
  • Horses requiring extra condition


Key Features:

  • Oat free & contains micronized cereals to optimise digestibility & maximise energy release.
  • 12% protein content containing essential amino acids to support muscle development.
  • Contains Bioplex trace elements such as copper, zinc and manganese.
  • Natural vitamin E, an important antioxidant.
  • Additional biotin
  • Marine-derived calcium scientifically proven to support gut health, gastric health and improve bone density.

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