Horslyx Mobility Balancer Lick 5kg



Horslyx Mobility Balancer Lick 5kg

Horslyx Mobility Balancer contains Glucosamine HCl, MSM and Omega Oils to support healthy joints and is proven to improve stride length on horses who are prone to stiffness.

  • To help performance horses that may be prone to stiffness before, during and/or after exercise.
  • For competition horses that require support for hard working joints.
  • As an aid for older horses that may have suffered from wear and tear over the years.
  • To help maintain healthy joints in all active horses, of all ages and breeds.
  • For horses that are stabled for long periods of time, Mobility Balancer may help lessen the chance of stiffness from lack of movement.
  • To balance any nutrient deficiencies in forage and grazing – helping to ensure your horse stays healthy and happy all year round.

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