FLEX – ON Green Composite Stirrups



FLEX – ON Green Composite Stirrups


The GC stirrups, best-seller of the Flex-on range combines comfort, personalization and performance. It helps to provide stability to the leg and enables perfect positioning of the rider.
It ensures an improvement in technical performance thanks to its ergonomics and shock-absorption system. The Flex-On elastomers reduce and absorb shock waves. As a result this protects the riders ankles, knees and skeletal system.


  • Green composite stirrup weight: 800 g
  • Spring steel frame
  • Hot-forged and treated to prevent oxidation and increase strength and longevity.
  • Overmolded with an environmentally sourced polyamide material
  • Footbed inclined
  • Stirrup leather: Offset and skewed slot to encourage optimum leg position, thus improves the posture of the rider.

Comes with a spare set of magnets FOC!

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Black/Black/Glitter, Black/Green/Carbon, Black/Purple/Black, Grey/Black/Carbon, Black/Orange/Irish

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